At Unified LLP, every member of your legal team is an experienced professional discipline lawyer in Toronto.

We have the expertise to represent and defend professionals on hearings and appeals related to registration, complaints and investigations, disciplinary proceedings, and fitness to practise matters. If you’ve received a notification from your college, contact us today to get the professional advice and representation you need to protect your licence

Do I Need a Team of Professional Discipline Lawyers Toronto?

Being faced with the threat of disciplinary action from your profession’s regulatory agency is a stressful and complicated time. The risks, after all, are immense: punitive fines or potentially the loss of your professional licensing and the ability to practice. 

Our team of professional discipline lawyers in Toronto is able to walk you through the process from your very first interaction with the disciplinary committee (often by way of a notice of an investigation) to negotiating with the committee to serving as your defence lawyers before a tribunal if necessary. 

Our advocacy skills have been honed over years of helping clients successfully mount defences against disciplinary actions; we work tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve the best outcome possible in your disciplinary proceeding. 

Trying to face your professional college on your own without the help of a lawyer is daunting, and can often lead to missteps that can impact you beyond the disciplinary hearing – for instance, information gleaned in the hearing can potentially be used in a criminal hearing, illustrating the need to have total legal control of your defence from the start. 

And the only way to ensure that all your legal matters are being handled appropriately and effectively is with experienced professional discipline lawyers in Toronto.

Experience with a Wide Range of Professional Services and Regulatory Bodies.

There are many licensing bodies in Ontario, each one with its own specific set of committees, procedures, tribunals, investigation methods, etc. 

Having experience with each individual regulatory body can help ensure that your defence is as vigorous as possible – and is able to satisfy the relevant regulatory body’s concerns. 

Allegations of professional misconduct can be a long and trying process, but with the right professional discipline lawyer in Toronto, you can get peace of mind that you have an expert team mounting your defence and protecting your professional reputation and ability to work. 

We represent professionals facing disciplinary hearings from a wide variety of colleges (see below) – if you are facing the threat of professional discipline, let the team at Unified LLP help make your case. 

You worked hard to develop your professional services and abilities; don’t let your licence be stripped away from you unjustly.

A Professional Discipline Lawyer Toronto You Can Trust

The team at Unified LLP is ready and able to help from the moment you receive notice of a professional misconduct investigation taking place. The actions taken in the direct aftermath of receiving that notice could potentially influence the outcome of your hearing. 

Get in touch with our team of leading professional discipline lawyers in Toronto when you receive that letter as we may be able to help – and ensure that you don’t make any legal missteps.

Call now for a free consultation with a professional discipline lawyer in Toronto.

Our Professional Discipline Lawyers Can Serve as a:

  • Pharmacist lawyer
  • Massage therapist lawyer
  • Chiropodist lawyer
  • Audiologist lawyer
  • Teachers lawyer
  • Social worker lawyer
  • Chiropractor lawyer
  • Naturopath lawyer
  • Immigration consultant lawyer
  • Psychologist lawyer
  • Homeopath lawyer
  • Optometrist lawyer
  • Psychotherapist lawyer

If you are in any of the above professions and are facing a professional discipline hearing, you need help. Our team has experience with each and every one of these colleges, working to ensure you receive the best outcome possible at the end of your case.