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Unified in Protecting Your Family and Your Future

Call us now at 647-876-4811 and speak to a divorce lawyer near you that will give you the right answers. We are located downtown Toronto.

We are top rated Divorce Lawyers who work hard to bring about the best results for you and your family, this is our top priority.

We are experienced counsel and have handled countless divorces. When you hire our firm we fully are committed to focus on the best interests of your family. Your wellbeing is the most important. As your divorce lawyers we will do our best to negotiate a reasonable settlement with your former spouse. We believe that this is the best approach because it saves you money and will help you get back on your feet sooner. When a settlement is reached we then prepare the necessary documents and will guide you through the necessary steps to close your file.

At Unified LLP we are also focused on your Financial Wellness and Security. We will meet with you, identify your priorities, strategize solutions and, if needed, stand firm by your side in the court room. We are committed to protecting your family. If you are in the middle of a Divorce you need a steady hand, someone who will guide you and give you the right advice.

Call us now at 647-876-4811 to speak to a Lawyer near you, a divorce lawyer that will give you the right answers.

At Unified LLP We Deliver Top-Tier Family Law Counsel

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