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Going through a divorce is a stressful time for you and your family – Our Toronto divorce lawyers are here to relieve you of as much of the burden as they can.

Our divorce lawyers in Toronto can help determine your best course of action. Over the years, we have helped clients achieve favourable outcomes when it comes to the needs of our client’s families. 

In the complex world of divorce law, it’s critical that you work with an experienced Toronto divorce lawyer. At Unified LLP, our law firm is made up of seasoned Toronto divorce lawyers who are committed to guiding you through every stage of the process with reliable and dedicated representation. 

We have years of experience helping our clients navigate the legal complexities and nuances of divorce in Ontario. We have extensive knowledge on all relevant acts and legal mandates regarding child support, spousal support, property division, and more. 
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Understanding Divorce and Separation

  • Introduction: The distinction between divorce and separation is crucial in family law. While divorce legally concludes a marriage, separation does not terminate the marital bond. This distinction has significant implications for your rights and obligations.
  • Legal Procedures: To initiate a divorce in Toronto, one must file an application with the court. The court will then review and decide on your eligibility for a divorce. In this critical phase, enlisting a skilled Toronto divorce lawyer can be invaluable. They ensure that every legal formality is meticulously handled and that your application is comprehensive.
  • Addressing Key Issues: It’s important to note that both divorce and separation can involve negotiations around child custody, visitation rights, and financial support. These are sensitive areas where the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer in Toronto becomes indispensable.

Ask a Toronto Divorce Lawyer: The Divorce Process

1. Negotiations and Mediation:

  • Overview: The negotiation stage encourages both parties to amicably resolve issues arising from the separation. Key topics often include child custody arrangements, support payments, and property division.
  • Role of Lawyers: Here, the expertise of a divorce lawyer in Toronto is crucial, especially in facilitating constructive discussions and helping parties reach a mutual understanding.

2. Drafting Separation Agreements:

  • Process: Following successful negotiations, our Toronto divorce lawyers will meticulously draft a separation agreement. This document outlines the agreed-upon terms and is best formulated with independent legal advice and transparent financial disclosure from both parties.

3. Court Applications and Orders:

  • When Negotiations Falter: If an agreement cannot be reached, filing a court application may be necessary. Our seasoned divorce lawyers in Toronto can guide you through this process, ensuring your case is presented effectively in court.
  • Enforcement of Orders: Post-hearing, the court issues a binding order addressing the separation issues. Should any party fail to comply with this order, enforcement steps can be taken to uphold the court’s decision.

Property Division in Divorce

  • Couples who are in the process of separating will divide assets, determined by equalizing their net family property. Equalization means that the two parties will fairly and equally separate the net value of property that has been obtained during the course of the marriage or relationship. Spouses have the ability to retain portions of the property they had previous to the marriage. However most of the property acquired during the relationship must be divided equitably. The Toronto divorce lawyers at Unified LLP can help you determine which property may be excluded (see below for more on this topic).
  • Equal division is the norm; however, there are situations where it is possible to negotiate an unequal division. This is up to the discretion of the Court.

Understanding Spousal Support in Toronto

  • Factors Considered: Spousal support entitlements depend on various factors, such as the length of the relationship, the couple’s standard of living, health, age, each party’s contribution to the relationship, and current financial situations.
  • Legal Guidance: Calculating the appropriate amount of spousal support requires careful consideration of these factors. Our Toronto divorce lawyers offer expert advice and representation to ensure fair and justified support arrangements.
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When you hire our firm, we fully commit to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. Your wellbeing is the most important. As your legal counsel, we will do our best to negotiate a reasonable settlement with your former spouse. We consider this the best approach as it is financially preferable and will help you get back on your feet sooner. 

When a settlement is reached we then prepare the necessary documents and will guide you through the necessary steps to close your file.

At Unified LLP we are also focused on your Financial Wellness and Security. We will meet with you, identify your priorities, strategize solutions and, if needed, stand firm by your side in the courtroom. We have a comprehensive understanding of all relevant legal acts, including the Family Act, the Divorce Act, and all other legal statutes. If you are in the middle of a Divorce you need a steady hand, someone who will guide you and give you the right advice.

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Divorce Lawyer in Toronto FAQ

What services do Toronto divorce lawyers offer?

Divorce lawyers in Toronto offer a range of legal services including:

  • legal advice, 
  • representation in court, 
  • assistance with negotiation of child custody and support, division of property, and drafting of separation agreements.
Can you provide legal advice in other areas of law?

Yes – we have extensive experience serving as clients: 

How do I choose the right divorce lawyer in Toronto?

When selecting a divorce lawyer in Toronto you should consider: 

  • experience, 
  • reputation, 
  • communication style, and 
  • fees. 

Choose a divorce lawyer you feel comfortable with, as this is a personal and delicate process.

Understanding the Costs of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto

Cost Factors:

  • Overview: The cost of engaging a Toronto divorce lawyer varies, primarily depending on your case’s complexity, the lawyer’s level of experience, and the duration of legal proceedings.
  • Fee Structures: Typically, divorce lawyers in Toronto may charge an hourly rate or offer flat fees for specific services. A detailed breakdown of these costs can be provided during an initial consultation.
Toronto Divorce Lawyers on Child Custody and Divorce Assistance

Role of Divorce Lawyers: Skilled in the nuances of family law, Toronto divorce lawyers play a pivotal role in negotiating child custody arrangements. They strive to achieve agreements that serve the best interests of your children, ensuring that these arrangements are both legally sound and enforceable.

Are consultations with divorce lawyers in Toronto confidential?

Confidentiality Assured: When consulting with a divorce lawyer in Toronto, rest assured that your discussions are confidential. Lawyers adhere to strict professional standards of confidentiality, guaranteeing that your case details remain private.

What is the timeline of the divorce process?

Case-Dependent Timelines: The length of the divorce process in Toronto is influenced by several factors, including case complexity, consensus level between parties, and court schedules. A more precise timeline can often be outlined during a free initial consultation with a Toronto divorce lawyer.

Can you handle high net-worth divorce cases?

Focused Legal Support: Toronto divorce lawyers are well-equipped to manage cases involving high-net-worth individuals. They understand the intricacies involved in asset division, spousal support, and other financial aspects unique to these cases.

How do I prepare for my initial consultation?

What to Bring to Your Introductory Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer Toronto: While it’s not mandatory to bring any specific documents to your first meeting with a Toronto divorce lawyer, having relevant financial statements or other pertinent information can be beneficial.

What mediation services are offered by Toronto divorce lawyers?

Alternative Dispute Resolution: To avoid lengthy court proceedings, many divorce lawyers in Toronto also offer mediation services. This approach focuses on amicably resolving disputes, with lawyers like those at Unified LLP serving as effective mediators.

How excluded property in divorce functions – Guidance from Toronto Divorce Lawyers

Overview of the Family Law Act’s Stance on Property Division:

  • Introduction: Under Ontario’s Family Law Act 1990, certain types of property are excluded from the net family property calculation in divorce proceedings. This calculation is crucial in determining how assets are divided between spouses.

Net Family Property: The Act defines net family property as the total value of each spouse’s property on the valuation date, minus any debts and liabilities, and adjusted for any property value at the time of marriage. This helps in determining the equalization payment, where the spouse with lesser net family property is entitled to half the difference between their net family properties.

Types of excluded property: insights from experienced Toronto divorce lawyers

Gifts and Inheritances:

  • General Rule: Generally, gifts or inheritances received during the marriage are excluded from division, provided they come from a third party and are given to one spouse exclusively.
  • Pre-Marriage Gifts and Inheritances: Property received as a gift or inheritance before the marriage is included in the initial net family property value but accounted for in the overall calculation.
  • Exception for Matrimonial Home: Notably, if such gifts or inheritances are invested in the matrimonial home, they lose their excluded status.

Income from Gifts and Inheritances:

  • Conditions for Exclusion: If a will or donor specifies that the income from a gift or inheritance should be excluded, it is generally not part of the net family property. However, if this income is invested in the matrimonial home, it becomes part of the property division.

Insurance and Court Settlements:

  • What’s Excluded: Insurance proceeds, especially from personal injury claims, and certain court settlements are typically excluded from property division in divorce cases.

Tracing Excluded Property:

  • How It Works: If an excluded property like a gift or inheritance is transformed into another form of property (except the matrimonial home), it can still be excluded, as long as it is identifiable at the valuation date.
  • Example: If a spouse receives a car as a gift and later sells it to purchase a different item, this new item remains excluded from division.

Agreements Between Spouses:

  • Contractual Exclusions: Spouses can mutually agree in a domestic contract to exclude certain properties from the net family property calculation.

Canada Pension Plan Earnings:

  • Exclusion in Divorce: Unadjusted pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan are also excluded from the net family property in divorce cases.

Responsibility of Proof:

  • Legal Obligation: It falls on the spouse seeking the exclusion to prove that the property fits within the Act’s specified categories.