Unified LLP fearlessly advocates for unions and their members

Where a matter can be resolved through mediation or dispute resolution our counsel are experts at providing support, guidance and effective advocacy to obtain the best possible resolution. When needed, we are fearless litigators regularly obtaining positive outcomes via contested hearings.

The system of grievance arbitration we have was a compromise, borne out of necessity of the Second World War. Instead of enforcing contractual rights through wild cat strikes, work-to-rule campaigns, and sick-outs, unions could “grieve” and have their complaints heard by an independent, neutral, expert in labour law: the labour arbitrator.

Today, the system of labour justice is the primary venue for unions and union members to work out all disputes arising from collective agreement interpretation. It is the first port of call for terminated workers, and an important venue for litigation for unions in non-construction sectors. Our team of labour lawyers are prepared to advise and litigate on any grievance your union might have. We have won tough cases, and more importantly, settled many more to the mutual satisfaction of union and grievor.