We strive to build the strongest possible case or defence for our clients and guide them through the legal process. 

We believe in thorough and efficient case preparation and make no compromises in advancing our clients’ interests. We are experienced in negotiating settlements and will strive to settle matters early when a favourable outcome can be reached.  If the matter requires a full trial and appeal, we have the skill and expertise to advance your case to its fullest based on the best available evidence and theory.

Business and Corporate Disputes

Our commercial litigators have experience advocating these matters before the Superior Court of Justice and Small Claims Court and have a thorough understanding of the related case law necessary to advance a strong case. We are dedicated to providing high quality advocacy and tactful navigation through the dispute process

Unified LLP represents shareholders and business owners with various business or contract disputes including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Trade name litigation 
  • Officers and directors litigation 
  • Construction liens
  • Cross-border disputes 
  • Commercial lease matters 
  • Fraud
  • Injunctions 
  • Loan and mortgage enforcement
  • Significant debt collection 
  • Economic torts 
  • Defamation 


Unified LLP has extensive experience in the resolution of disputes concerning contracts and lease agreements in a number of industries. We are experienced in litigating contractual dispute matters including breach of contract, frustration, and non-performance or partial performance of a contract. We can advise on whether an interim, interlocutory or permanent injunction to restrain the other party from breaching the contract is necessary to protect your interests. 

We will tailor our approach to minimize risk and seek creative solutions. We  pursue litigation strategies that give our clients a strategic advantage in reaching their desired results. We pay close attention to the details and can advise on contract formation, the validity of a contract, as well as drafting contracts and other related matters.

Unified LLP has significant experience in the following types of breach of contract disputes:

  • Failed share purchases
  • Failed asset purchases 
  • Breach of Agreement of Purchase and Sale (real estate) 
  • Breach of shareholder, joint venture and partnership agreements 
  • Failed real estate transactions and unpaid real estate commissions 
  • Loan and mortgage agreement defaults 
  • Construction contract breaches

Real Estate Litigation

Unified LLP litigates real estate disputes, including matters involving breach of Agreement and Purchase and Sale, the failure to disclose, encroachments and easements, boundary issues, mortgage enforcement, certificates of pending litigation, misrepresentations as to warranties or deficiencies, failure to close a sale, and property remediation.

We strive to make the litigation process as smooth as possible for our clients and have commanding knowledge of construction, municipal and real property law. 

Reputation Management 

Our firm has defended and prosecuted matters relating to defamation, injurious falsehood, intentional interference with contractual relations and other related causes of action to business owners, professionals and family members. These matters should only be advanced where someone’s reputation is directly and intimately linked with their business or livelihood, and they require tactful and careful command of procedures, evidentiary rules and tenacity.

Construction Disputes 

Our firm acts for all parties in the construction pyramid in Construction Act matters, breach of contracts (including delay and warranty claims), construction deficiency claims and breach of trust claims. We provide timely and pragmatic advice to resolving construction disputes in a cost-effective manner to help our clients preserve cash flow and keep their projects moving. 

Please see our Construction Law page for more information.