Labour Law

Empowering unions, defending workers.

Family Law

Experienced and trusted family lawyers.

Property and Commerce Law

Helping to protect your most valuable land and business assets.

Disability Law

Unfairly denied your disability benefits and feeling powerless?

Employment Law

Has your employment been terminated, are you having an issue at work?


If you’re facing wrongful dismissal, discrimination at work, have unpaid overtime or vacations, or any other employment issue, then contact a leading employment lawyer in Toronto today to help you address your legal concerns.


If you’re part of a labour union (or represent the union itself), as your labour lawyer in Toronto, we have experience successfully representing workers and unions at all levels of the justice system including labour arbitration, tribunals, professional regulators, and courts.

Our team is adept at serving as your:


If your disability benefits have been denied to you, you may still be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with an experienced long-term disability lawyer in Toronto to explore your options so you can gain access to all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Professional Discipline

Receiving a notice of professional discipline can be daunting – but just because an investigation is taking place does not mean you are immediately guilty. You have the right to argue your defence against the relevant professional governing body; as your professional discipline lawyer in Toronto, we leverage our years of experience successfully defending clients against accusations from their professional college to forcefully make your case.


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is here to provide compassionate guidance and tailored legal services for all your family’s needs. Whether you’re facing divorce, child custody battles, or a high conflict dispute, we specialize in delivering personalized strategies that prioritize your family’s well-being. Trust our fierce advocacy and expert advice to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Discover strength, understanding, and resolution with our experienced family law firm. We are committed to serving you. Contact us today for a consultation.

Property and Commerce

As your property and commerce lawyer in Toronto, we are adept at representing you and your interests in a variety of legal matters. We can serve as your:

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