“He was strategic in conquering goal after goal until the final victory.”
- SB and PP

José Bento Rodrigues

Partner / Family

José Bento Rodrigues is a Partner of Unified LLP and the head of the firm’s Family law group. He services clients from the firm’s Toronto and Waterloo Region offices.

As leader of the Family group, José specializes in family law litigation. His commitment to excellence, thoroughness, and to unlocking pragmatic solutions make him a leader in the court room, as well. The three building blocks of his litigation success are experience, attention to detail, and fearless oral advocacy.

José sees litigation as an option of last resort. He believes that clients generally come out ahead when they settle their affairs amicably, because court proceedings are expensive and lengthy. To that end, he pours his energy into finding bespoke solutions that are pragmatic and innovative. By taking this approach José ensures that when he goes to court he stands on a solid legal foundation that breathes an unshaken confidence. You can read more here.

Prior to the formation of Unified LLP, José was a Partner of Rodrigues Paiva LLP. He started his legal career at Justice Canada. While in law school he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Ottawa Law Review, completed internships at the Tax Court of Canada, Ontario Court of Justice, as well as the United Nations in New York City.

José loves to meditate and is the proud owner of his Akita, Saki.

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  • J.D., University of Ottawa


  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club