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Work with a divorce lawyer in Calgary that guides you through a challenging time for you and your family. At our Calgary-based law firm, our divorce attorneys are here to lift as much of this weight off your shoulders as possible.

Our team of skilled divorce lawyers in Calgary is equipped to identify the most beneficial strategy for your situation. We have a history of assisting our clients in securing outcomes that best meet the needs of their families.

In the intricate realm of divorce law, engaging with a seasoned divorce attorney in Calgary is essential. Unified LLP boasts a roster of experienced divorce lawyers who are dedicated to providing you with steadfast and thorough support throughout every phase of your divorce.

With years of experience in navigating the legal complexities and nuances of divorce in Alberta, we possess extensive knowledge of all relevant acts and legal mandates concerning child support, spousal support, property division, and more. Trust us to protect your interests with our comprehensive legal support. Reach out for a free consultation with a leading family lawyer in Calgary today.

Understanding Divorce and Separation: Insights from Calgary Divorce Lawyers

  • Introduction: Understanding the difference between divorce and separation is fundamental in family law. A divorce officially ends a marriage, whereas a separation does not dissolve the marriage itself. This key difference profoundly affects your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Legal Steps: To begin the divorce process, an application must be submitted to the court. The court then assesses and determines whether you qualify for a divorce. At this crucial juncture, the expertise of a proficient divorce lawyer is essential. They ensure that all legal procedures are accurately followed and that your submission is thorough.
  • Addressing Key Issues: It is crucial to recognize that both divorce and separation entail discussions on child custody, visitation arrangements, and financial support. These delicate matters necessitate the advice of a seasoned divorce lawyer, who is crucial in navigating these discussions.

The Divorce Process

1. Negotiations and Mediation:

  • Overview: The negotiation phase is designed to help both parties reach an amicable agreement on various issues stemming from the separation. Common areas of discussion include arrangements for child custody, support payments, and the division of property.
  • Role of Lawyers: In this context, the role of a divorce lawyer becomes vital, particularly in fostering productive conversations and aiding both parties in achieving a consensus.

2. Drafting Separation Agreements:

  • Process: After negotiations conclude successfully, our divorce attorneys will carefully prepare a separation agreement. This agreement captures the terms settled upon and is most effectively created with independent legal counsel and clear financial disclosure from both parties.

3. Court Applications and Orders:

  • When Negotiations Falter: Should the parties be unable to come to an agreement, it may become essential to submit an application to the court. Our experienced divorce attorneys are here to navigate you through this procedure, making certain that your case is articulated compellingly before the court.
  • Enforcement of Orders: After the hearing, the court will issue an enforceable order that resolves the issues of the separation. If any party does not adhere to this order, measures can be initiated to ensure compliance with the court’s ruling.

Property Division in Divorce

  • During the separation process, couples will distribute their assets by equalizing their net family property. This equalization process ensures that both parties equitably share the net value of the property accumulated throughout their marriage or partnership. Spouses are permitted to keep parts of the property they owned before getting married. Nonetheless, the majority of assets acquired during the relationship are subject to fair division. The divorce attorneys at Unified LLP can assist you in identifying which assets might be exempt from this division (further details on this subject follow).
  • While equal distribution is standard, there are instances where an unequal split can be negotiated. The decision for such an arrangement rests with the Court’s discretion.

Understanding Spousal Support

  • Factors Considered: The determination of spousal support rights takes into account several elements, including the duration of the partnership, the standard of living enjoyed by the couple, their health and age, the contributions made by each individual to the relationship, and their present financial conditions.
  • Legal Guidance: To accurately determine the suitable amount of spousal support, a thorough analysis of these criteria is essential. Our divorce lawyers in Calgary provide specialized guidance and representation to secure equitable and warranted support agreements.
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Upon reaching a settlement, we proceed with drafting all necessary documentation and will guide you through the steps required to finalize your case.

At Unified LLP, your financial well-being and security are also our focus. We will collaborate with you to pinpoint your priorities, devise strategic solutions, and, when necessary, provide unwavering support in court. Our expertise spans all pertinent legal statutes, including the Family Act, the Divorce Act, and other relevant laws. In the midst of a divorce, you need a reliable guide to offer sound advice and direction.

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Divorce Lawyer in Toronto FAQ

What is dispute resolution and how can it help during my divorce?

Dispute resolution refers to various processes used to resolve conflicts without going to court, including mediation and arbitration. In the context of a Calgary divorce, it can offer a less adversarial and often more cost-effective way to address issues such as child custody, support payments, and property division. Our Calgary family lawyers are skilled in dispute resolution techniques, aiming to facilitate a smoother, faster resolution to your divorce proceedings.

How is child custody determined in Calgary?

Child custody decisions are made based on the best interests of the child, considering factors like the child’s health, emotional ties, and the parents’ ability to provide care. Our lawyers in Calgary are experienced in family law and can help negotiate custody arrangements that prioritize your child’s well-being, whether through mediation or court proceedings.

What is an uncontested divorce, and how does it work?

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on all major issues, including property division, child custody, and spousal support. This type of divorce can be more straightforward and less time-consuming, and avoids a divorce judgement being delivered by a judge. Our Calgary divorce lawyers can assist in drafting the necessary separation agreements and guide you through the process, including filing a statement of claim for divorce.

Can your family law firm handle complex separation agreements?

Yes, our family law firm in Calgary specializes in drafting comprehensive separation agreements that cover all aspects of your separation, ensuring clarity and fairness in terms of asset division, child support, and other critical issues. Our experienced divorce lawyers are adept at creating agreements tailored to your unique situation.

Where is your Calgary office located, and how can I get in touch?

Our Calgary office is conveniently located to serve clients throughout the area. You can contact us by phone or visit our website to schedule a consultation with one of our Calgary family lawyers, who are experienced in all areas of family law.

How long do divorce proceedings typically take?

The duration of divorce proceedings can vary significantly, depending on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested and the complexity of issues such as property division and child custody. As your experienced Calgary divorce lawyer, we strive to streamline and speed up the process while ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

What should I do if I’ve just separated from my spouse and want a divorce?

If you’ve recently separated from your spouse and are considering divorce, it’s crucial to seek legal advice early. Contact our Calgary office to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce lawyer. We can provide guidance on the steps you need to take, including filing a statement of claim for divorce and negotiating separation agreements.

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?

We have years of experience protecting our clients’ and their families’ interests. We have deep knowledge of the Divorce Act, Alberta family law, and all other relevant legal acts that allow us to build the best possible legal strategy when representing you during negotiations or in court.

What other practice areas do you serve?