Unified LLP is dedicated to advancing the interests of working people.

Our labour department exclusively represents trade unions and their members in all aspects of their working lives.  We pride ourselves on offering expert advice on complicated legal issues with clarity and compassion.  We regularly represent workers at all levels of the justice system including labour arbitration, tribunals, professional regulators, and courts.

Collective Bargaining and Labour Relations

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We don’t stand by, we stand up. From drafting new collective agreements to advice on labour disputes, Unified LLP’s labour department is here for you.

We provide representation at: 

  • Collective bargaining
  • Labour boards
  • Arbitration
  • Judicial review and appeals

Grievance Arbitration

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Unified LLP fearlessly advocates for unions and their member. Whether a union member’s conduct is in dispute or an employer is acting unfairly we are here to help.

We regularly provide advice on:

  • Collective agreement interpretation
  • Discipline and dismissal
  • Accommodation and human rights law
  • Employment benefits

Human Rights Law

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When human rights are protected our communities are stronger. At Unified LLP fearless and compassionate litigation of human rights issues is central to our representation of workers, their families and their unions.

Class Actions

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Workers are stronger together. In the fast-moving world of labour and employment disputes class actions are becoming a powerful method to hold employers to account. If you have an employment dispute that involves a group of employees, we are here to help.

Professional Regulation and Discipline

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Professionals should not go up against their regulator alone. We rigorously defend college members in complaints at professional colleges including:

  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • Ontario College of Social Workers
  • Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators

We can help you with all types of Labour law disputes, including:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Labour Board matters
  • Grievance Arbitration
  • Human Rights Law
  • Pensions and Employment benefits
  • Professional Regulation and Discipline
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Privacy and Access to Information
  • Civil Litigation
  • Class Actions Law
  • Judicial Review and Appeals