An experienced construction lawyer Toronto dedicated to servicing communities in Toronto and the GTA, Waterloo Region, and throughout Southwestern Ontario

We provide timely and pragmatic advice in order to resolve  construction disputes efficiently. We also assist clients navigating the changes to the recently amended Construction Act and the transitional provisions.

Our construction lawyers in Toronto can assist with:

  • Registration of construction liens
  • Construction lien disputes (for claimants and defendants)
  • Deficiencies
  • Certificates of Pending Litigation (“CPLs”)
  • Bonding off (vacating) liens
  • Bidding and tendering disputes
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Breach of trust
  • Interim Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Environmental, contamination and property remediation issues
  • Land acquisition
  • Re-zoning of lands
  • Municipal law


Unified LLP has experience  drafting standard form Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) design-build, stipulated price, and consultant contracts for use across Ontario. Our construction law firm will offer you a variety of custom drafting options specifically tailored to your particular project. 

Should you require a hearing before the Ontario Dispute Adjudication of Construction Contracts (ODACC), our team is well-versed in all relevant Ontario Construction Act laws as well as ODACC processes, ensuring you obtain the best possible outcome given your circumstances. Your construction lawyers at Unified LLP are also able to assist with any legal issues relating to the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) standard form agreements.

Construction Litigation

Unified LLP is highly experienced with construction litigation matters on behalf of all parties in the construction pyramid. We are experienced with advancing and defending claims using the best possible evidence and experts. We believe in thorough but efficient case preparation and only settle matters without a hearing if a favourable outcome can be reached through settlement or mediation.

Construction Agreements

Our firm can assist all parties in the construction pyramid with drafting agreements that offer protection and clarity throughout the building process. We also assist with the incorporation and organization of construction companies and can draft partnership, shareholder and joint venture agreements, and other necessary construction contracts that adequately protect your interests. We can also provide letters of opinion and review your agreements to determine your legal position.

Unified LLP can also advise construction financers on the financing of projects, risk, payout requirements and all associated agreements.  

Unified – a leading construction law firm

  • Work with a construction law firm that can manage all legal aspects of your construction project. 
  • Mediation and arbitration for labour and material disputes, construction claims against general contractors or on behalf of contractors, or any other legal matter, trust Unified LLP as your construction lawyer in Toronto. 
  • We can help you negotiate and prepare construction contracts with performance bonds and other protections so as to avoid disputes arising from ambiguous or incomplete contracts. 
  • As your legal expert on the construction industry, Unified LLP represents clients on all sides of a construction project, including construction managers, general contractors, and land developers. 
  • Work with a construction litigator that has an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian College of Construction and real estate law, ensuring you achieve the best outcome possible in your case. 
  • Contact your construction lawyer Toronto today.

Construction Lawyer Toronto FAQ

What does a construction lawyer do?

As your construction lawyer in Toronto, our firm specializes in legal matters related to the construction industry. We can assist with: contract disputes, construction defects, liens, and other legal matters regarding construction.

When should I hire a construction lawyer in Toronto?

It’s advisable to consult a construction lawyer immediately should you encounter contract disputes, payment issues, construction defects, or any other legal concerns related to your construction project in Toronto – speed can make the difference in some legal matters. For larger projects it is advisable to have your construction agreement reviewed before it is signed.

How can I find the right construction lawyer in Toronto for my project?

The main attributes your lawyer needs to exhibit are experience relating to all construction legal matters, dedication and care towards clients, and comprehensive knowledge regarding your specific construction issue.

What types of construction projects do construction lawyers Toronto handle?

Our team at Unified LLP can assist with a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. We represent all types of clients, including contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, and other stakeholders.

What is the typical cost of hiring a construction lawyer in Toronto?

Costs will vary depending on the complexity of your case and your construction lawyer’s experience. Many construction lawyers in Toronto offer initial consultations, during which you can get a better idea of the likely costs.

What are some common construction disputes in Toronto that require legal support?

Common construction disputes in Toronto include issues related to construction delays, payment disputes, breach of contract, construction defects, and disputes over change orders.

How can a construction lawyer help with contract negotiation and drafting?

A construction lawyer will review, draft, and negotiate construction contracts to ensure they are legally sound. They can also help you understand the terms and obligations outlined in the contract.

What are the benefits of hiring a local construction lawyer in Toronto?

Hiring a construction lawyer Toronto local is advantageous as they will have a deep understanding of Toronto’s particular construction laws, regulations, and industry practices, which can be beneficial when navigating legal issues in the area. Additionally, some legal matters require consulting with a team of experts and professionals – by working with construction lawyers in Toronto, you can rest assured that they have quick and easy access to these professionals if needed.

Do I need a construction lawyer if I have a dispute with a contractor or subcontractor?

A construction lawyer can be instrumental in resolving disputes with contractors or subcontractors. They can help you negotiate, mediate, or litigate to achieve a favorable resolution.

Can a construction lawyer in Toronto help with construction liens and payment issues?

Yes, construction lawyers in Toronto can assist with the filing, defense, or release of construction liens, as well as address payment disputes and related legal matters.

This FAQ provides general information and should not be considered legal advice. Consult with Unified’s experienced construction lawyers in Toronto for personalized guidance regarding your legal situation.