When Should You Consult a Tenant and Landlord Lawyer Toronto? Landlord and Tenant Legal Advice in Ontario

Rent prices in Toronto are skyrocketing (when are they not?). With rents so expensive, tension can be high between tenants and landlords; there’s a lot of money (not to mention a person’s place of residence) at stake. When this tension is exacerbated by a dispute, often the only way to solve the issue is with a landlord and tenant lawyer Toronto

But how do you know if it’s time to get a lawyer for landlord tenant disputes? 

When to Hire a Lawyer for Landlord Tenant Disputes

A landlord and tenant lawyer in Toronto can help address a number of issues between the two parties: 

  • Pest issues in the building
  • Rent raises beyond legal limits (or raises it in fewer than 90 days)
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Attempt to extract payment for a service that should be included
  • Landlord and Tenant Board representation
  • Short-term rental disputes
  • Administrative and municipal law matters
  • Development issues
  • And more

The Residential Tendencies Act (sometimes colloquially referred to as the Ontario Landlord Tenant Act) contains the various rules that govern most landlord and tenant relationships. If you’re ever in doubt about whether your issue requires legal counsel, feel free to reach out for a landlord and tenant lawyer free consultation in Toronto

What to Look for in a Lawyer for Landlord Tenants Dispute

So how do you determine if a prospective lawyer for landlord tenant dispute is the right lawyer for you? 

There are a variety of factors, some of which are less tangible than others (your personal rapport with them and preferences, for instance). 

That said, here are a few attributes that your landlord and tenant lawyer Toronto should exhibit: 

  • Experience – can they demonstrate a track record of successfully representing clients? 
  • Care – these disputes can be very charged involving someone’s home or income, requiring care and attentiveness from your lawyer
  • Knowledge – your tenant and landlord lawyer Toronto needs to have an extensive knowledge of Toronto’s unique municipal mandates in order to effectively argue your case
  • Integrity – your lawyer should be available to answer all your questions and ensure that the process is 100% transparent

While it isn’t always easy to identify these traits immediately when seeking landlord and tenant legal advice in Ontario, an in-person meeting combined with some internet research goes a long way. In other words, don’t hesitate to book your landlord tenant lawyer free consultation Toronto with your prospective lawyer. Worst case, you lose some time. Best case, you find representation that will be able to help resolve your dispute and extract the best possible outcome. 

Work With Unified’s Team of Leading Landlord and Tenant Lawyers in Toronto

If you’re looking for a tenant and landlord lawyer in Toronto that can help you reach the best outcome possible in your dispute, then you need representation that has the right combination of experience, knowledge, care, and dedication to clients. What you need is the team at Unified LLP. 

At Unified LLP, our team of professional and experienced landlord and tenants dispute lawyers in Toronto are able to deliver quality legal advice, so you can get peace of mind knowing you’re well taken care of. And if the case goes before the tribunal, you can rely on experienced lawyers to determinedly represent your case. Get a tenant lawyer free consultation in Toronto and we can better assess your needs and how our legal experts can help you. Get in touch with us today and take the necessary steps to settle your dispute in a satisfactory manner.