Do I Need a Professional Discipline Lawyer Toronto?

If you are facing a Professional Discipline complaint or may be subject to professional disciplinary action, the consequences can be dire. In the worst cases, you may lose your licence to practice your profession. That’s why a Professional Discipline lawyer Toronto is so important; they can be the difference that keeps you from losing livelihood. 

In 2021, the Law Society of Ontario alone received over 4,000 complaints, with 72% coming from the public, 14% brought by licensees, and 14% being internally raised. 

And that’s just one professional regulatory body; considering all the other professions, we see tens of thousands of complaints made each year in Ontario alone – in other words, these are more common than you think. Which, again, illustrates the necessity of having qualified legal counsel ready to represent your case. 

Why Would You Need a Professional Discipline Defence Lawyer Toronto? 

Disciplinary hearings and complaints can stem from a variety of circumstances. You may be facing a complaint from a client that they forwarded to the relevant professional college, or the college itself may have noticed something concerning, or perhaps even a fellow practitioner or colleague referred you to the college. 

In any event, getting the right legal counsel in these circumstances is critical to achieve the best outcome possible. Facing it on your own without an experienced Professional Discipline defence lawyer in Toronto can be stressful, difficult, and otherwise leaves you vulnerable to large fines or licence suspensions. 

These suspensions or an outright dismissal from a professional college can take years or even decades to recover from – if possible at all. 

In other words, you’re better off retaining the services of a Toronto Professional Discipline lawyer that can help you navigate these stressful and legally complex cases. 

What to Look for in a Toronto Professional Discipline Lawyer

In order to ensure that your Professional Discipline lawyer can help you achieve the best results possible, there are few qualities you should consider. 

First, their experience – have they dealt with Professional Discipline disputes in your field before? Do they have experience in front of the relevant college arguing for clients? And if so, what’s their track record? 

Next they need to have a sharp legal mind and keen legal senses. These are high-stakes circumstances and you can’t afford to put your career at risk with ineffective legal counsel. 

It’s also worth noting if they have a team behind them that can assist in your case, or if they’ll be handling their case on your own. Which isn’t to say that lone lawyers can’t be effective, it is typically superior to have an entire Professional Discipline law firm or team within a firm working on your behalf. 

Professional Discipline Lawyer Can Help With Your Defence in Front of These Professional Colleges

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