What You Must Ask Your Toronto Employment Lawyer

What You Must Ask Your Toronto Employment Lawyer to Make Sure They’re the Right One for Your Case

Choosing the right Toronto employment lawyer to handle your case can be difficult. With over 40,000 practicing lawyers in Toronto, sorting through them to find the right one to represent you is daunting, to say the least. 

While not all 40,000 of these lawyers are employment lawyers in Toronto, of course, there are still a substantial number of options available to serve as your representation. And when you consider that last fiscal year we saw nearly 9,000 claims filed against employers in Ontario alone, it’s clear that these employment lawyers in Toronto are being kept busy.

Vetting the top employment lawyer in Toronto is, as with anything else, important if you want to get the best possible outcome in your case. 

But this is likely the first time you’ve needed the help of employment lawyers in Toronto. If that’s the case, then we’re here to help you identify the representation that’s right for your case – and can help you achieve the best outcome – by way of a few simple questions and actions. 

What Experience Do You Have as an Employment Lawyer in Toronto? 

As with any other job, experience matters. Perhaps more in law than most other areas. 

Experience means knowing the law inside and out. Leveraging that knowledge will allow your lawyer to take different and varied approaches to your case, giving it a higher chance of succeeding. 

Experience also means having familiarity with other lawyers, clerks, judges, etc. These interpersonal relationships can help them tailor your case to best match the judge and oppositional representation. It also provides them with additional resources they can draw from to help argue your case. 

Does the Firm Have Toronto Employment Lawyers with Expertise in Your Specific Type of Case? 

Employment law encompasses a wide variety of potential disputes. 

For instance, you may need a:

To name a few relevant specific areas of employment law. 

Ask your prospective lawyer if they have experience with your specific case and a demonstrable track record of getting results for their clients. 

Check Their Toronto Employment Lawyer Reviews

As with anything else, you can find Toronto employment lawyer reviews on Google. 

While not always accurate, they do provide a decent snapshot of how past clients have felt when working with them. 

Take these reviews with a grain of salt, but you should consider them as a resource. Be especially vigilant for patterns in the reviews; that means these are likely habits of the lawyer, and not just a single disgruntled client. 

Do They Offer an Employment Lawyer Toronto Free Consultation?

You don’t want to work with someone only out to maximize how much money they can make off your case. In other words, you don’t want to just be a meal ticket to an employer. 

An employment lawyer Toronto free consultation is an easy, no-obligation way to ensure that you have a case that the prospective lawyer believes they can help with. 

Asking these above questions at a free consultation is also a way for you to protect your interests – and your money. 

How Will Your Employment Lawyer in Toronto Be Paid?

Many employment lawyers in Toronto work on a no-win, no-fee pay structure, otherwise known as a contingency fee. 

That means that you won’t pay a cent out of your pocket. Instead, your representation will take a portion of the settlement or ruling (should the case go to court and your lawyer is successful). 

The benefits of this are twofold: first, it means you don’t need to pay any costs upfront, and second, it incentivizes your lawyer to achieve the best result possible – their livelihood depends on it. 

By aligning your interests, a contingency fee is very effective. 

That said, there may be additional costs to you even in a contingency fee pay structure; be sure to ask your potential representation how payment will work. 

Work With a Leading Employment Lawyer Toronto

If you’re looking for an experienced employment lawyer in Toronto to fight and protect your rights, then Unified LLP is the employment law firm for you. 

Our team is dedicated to serving you so you can achieve the best outcome possible. 

Get an employment lawyer, Toronto free consultation so we can better assess your case and begin building your claim if we determine we are a good fit for one another. Get in touch with us today to protect your employment rights.