Miriam Vila

Office Manager

Meet Miriam Vila, the dynamo behind the scenes at Unified LLP. With her role as an Office Manager, Miriam ensures the gears of our family law operations run smoothly every single day.


Her exceptional communication skills coupled with commanding interpersonal abilities make her not only an invaluable asset to the team but also a bridge between the firm and its clients.


Dedicated to fostering an impeccable customer experience, Miriam is unwaveringly reliable, always ensuring that every interaction is both professional and warm.


Outside the realm of the office, Miriam transitions into her favorite role: a passionate baseball mom. Her love for the game, channeled through her son’s baseball pursuits, sees her enthusiastically organizing events and trips for his team.


The same dedication and spirit she brings to Unified LLP, Miriam showers on the baseball diamond, making her a beloved figure both in professional circles and on the bleachers.